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“If elected, I promise to support safe, clean, livable neighborhoods. Just as I have on the Poudre School District Board of Education, I will be a strong voice with innovative ideas to create solutions and will work to keep Fort Collins great. I pledge to work collaboratively for our community.”

Look Who Stands with Susan!


Bob Overbeck

Current Larimer County Assessor 

Former City Council member, District 1


Ben Manvel

Former City Council member, District 1 


Gina Janett

Former City Council member, Mayor Pro Tem


Ross Cunniff

Mayor Pro-tem Fort Collins City Council

Fort Collins City Council member, District 5


Kristin Stephens

Larimer County Commissioner 

Former Fort Collins City Council member 


Joann Ginal

State Senator, former Representative, and District 1 Resident

"As a resident of District 1, I care deeply about choosing the best person to represent us. Susan Gutowsky brings experience and vision to City Council and will do what is right for the citizens of District 1 and our entire community. I proudly support her."


John Kefalas                       

Current Larimer County Commissioner

Former State Senator 

"Susan Gutowsky is an excellent public servant for District 1. She cares deeply about our community, and she has demonstrated the ability to work together for the common good."


Jeni Arndt

Colorado State Representative

"I believe that District 1 should be represented by a Council member who is committed to ensuring that the voices of ALL of the people are heard. Susan Gutowsky is that person, and I strongly support her for City Council."


Cathy Kipp

Colorado House of Representatives

"I have had the great pleasure of serving with Susan Gutowksy as a fellow school board member for the past seven years. I believe she can take the skills she has developed working on the school board and serve the City of Fort Collins well."


Bob Bacon

Former State Senator

"Over the many years that Susan has lived in Fort Collins, she has demonstrated a tireless commitment to serving our community. Through her work on the PSD Board of Education and the numerous non-profits she volunteers with, it is evident that service is her passion." 


Tom Balchak

Former President of the Poudre School District Board of Education

"Susan Gutowsky brings a governing philosophy based on finding pragmatic solutions to issues over political ideology. She is thoughtful in deliberations, diligent on her research, and careful to consider unintended consequences in her responsible decision making."   



David Trask

Former Vice-President, Poudre School District Board of Education                     

"Susan Gutowsky brings a governing philosophy based on finding pragmatic solutions to issues over political ideology. She is thoughtful in deliberations, diligent on her research, and careful to consider unintended consequences in her responsible decision making."


Bill See

Chairman, Project Smile Corporation

"I am a fan of Susan's willingness to serve others. During her years on the Board, she was an able and dependable leader and gave great support to our work's mission and activities at Project Smile. I strongly support Susan Gutowsky for City Council District 1."


Christophe Febvre

President, Poudre School District Board of Education

"Throughout the years that I have known Susan Gutowsky, I have valued her thoughtful leadership, her meaningful experience, and her eloquent demeanor. She will bring these qualities to her work on City Council in a way that will contribute to collaborative engagement and mindful decision-making."   


Kristin Draper

Director, Poudre School District Board of Education

"Susan is friendly, approachable, and communicates well with a wide range of constituents. She has lived in Fort Collins, District 1, for 40 years, so she knows the changes the city has undergone and continues to go through. Her desire is for people from all walks of life to be able to thrive in this amazing place."


Sonny Lubick

Former CSU Football Coach


Gary Wockner

Environmental activist 

"Susan has been an outspoken voice for the voiceless in Fort Collins- both the people and natural world that doesn't have the opportunity to speak for themselves.  I wholeheartedly endorse her for another four years on City Council."


Carol Ann Hixon

"Susan is a champion for all and a passionate advocate for diverse constituents. She looks at broad community needs to weave a strong government."

Kimberly B. Medina

"As our city grows and we see an influx of newcomers, it is important that someone speak for the members of our community with a less powerful voice. I believe that Susan Gutowsky is that person. It is important that the benefits of living in this beautiful city extend to all of our residents, and having Susan on the City Council will help us ensure that we all thrive and that no members of our community are left behind."

Mary Hasl

"I have known Susan Gutowsky for many years, and I find her to be a thoughtful listener, fair in her decision making, tenacious in her dedication, and steadfastly committed to the greater good. Her presence on City Council will inspire her fellow Council members and assurance to the Fort Collins community that their voice matters."

Kevin Brinkman

"I have known Susan Gutowsky for over 25 years and personally know that she embodies everything that makes Fort Collins great. She is passionate about ensuring that our city is vibrant, clean, safe, and livable."

Mark Keller

"Service is Susan's passion and I am confident she will work tirelessly to ensure our city remains clean, safe and prosperous. Most importantly, she is fair-minded, thoughtful and has a huge heart. I support Susan Gutowsky for City Council District 1."

Jody Snow

Vice-President, Museo de las Tres Colonias

"I have had the opportunity to work closely with Susan Gutowsky on the board of El Museo de las Tres Colonias as we work hard to resurrect 'El Museo' She is passionate about preserving its history and creating a place that can be enjoyed by everyone in the community. The City Council would be lucky to have her knowledge, talent, leadership, and ability to work with a wide variety of constituents in diverse demographics. She would be an excellent representative for District 1."  

Carolyn Reed

Owner, Silver Mine Subs

"During our work together in the PSD BOE, Susan and I were very interested in developing strategies for non-college-bound students to identify their passions and design their learning around their career objectives—to be workforce-ready upon graduation."    


Jeannie Craft

Operations Coordinator for Project Smile

"Susan Gutowsky was instrumental in the needed to get the non-profit Project Smile started in the Poudre School District. She was one of Project Smile's original board members and volunteered at the dental/vision screenings, putting together the 'goodie bags,' and organizing our annual fundraising luncheon. I believe that Susan's service is her passion. She cares."  


Jan Borman

"I have known Susan for many years and have watched her in leadership positions, passionately and tirelessly working for people across our community in multiple neighborhoods and multiple zip codes. Susan will bring this passion to her role on City Council and will serve our community well."

Stacy Plemmons

Past President, Rotary Club of Fort Collins

"I have known Susan through our work as the Scholarship Chairman for the Rotary Club of Fort Collins. Under her leadership, the committee has selected exceptional, inspirational,, and diverse PSD students who represent well the treasure that is Fort Collins. I strongly support her for City Council District 1."      


Sarah Belleau

"I find Susan to be extremely approachable, open-minded, reasonable, honest,, and engaging. She approaches her leadership roles seriously and expresses sincere concern for the people she represents. I highly recommend Susan Gutowsky for City Council District 1."   

Jonathan Runge

"I have known Susan for nine years. She considers all sides of important issues and is one of the most responsible, responsive,, and honest politicians I have met. She has done great work with children throughout her life, has been a very positive supporter of neighborhood schools,, and an excellent community leader. I wholeheartedly support her in the upcoming City Council election."                      


Sierra Club

Protect our Old Town Homes

Other Endorsements

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