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“If elected, I promise to support safe, clean, livable neighborhoods. Just as I have on the Poudre School District Board of Education, I will be a strong voice with innovative ideas to create solutions and will work to keep Fort Collins great. I pledge to work collaboratively for our community.”

Neighborhoods & Community
I am seeking a second term as your District 1 City Council Representative because I am committed to continuing the vital work we do for our community. I have been a strong defender of neighborhood rights and have pushed for policies to protect and enhance Fort Collins’ unique character. Our community has faced extraordinary challenges over the past two years, notably the Covid 19 pandemic. I have been a part of managing our response for the past ten months, and I will work hard to facilitate a meaningful recovery where all people in Fort Collins can thrive.

I have lived in Fort Collins for over 40 years. When we moved here, we lived in the south part of town. Now we are called “Midtown.” Over the years, I have seen our mid-sized town grow into a vibrant city where everyone seems to want to live. While growth is inevitable, we must manage it wisely. Our past municipal leaders have done an excellent job of forging a plan for our future. It has been my primary focus during my first term to protect the quality of life we currently enjoy in Fort Collins. I will continue to make our neighborhoods are safe, clean, and livable.

District 1 has its unique qualities. Woodward Governor and Budweiser are within our boundaries. We are home to the charming “Tres Colonias” neighborhoods, multiple micro-breweries, and Old Town with its unique shops, restaurants, and bars. Recreational opportunities abound in District 1, with EPIC and the availability of many parks (including the new Sugar Beet Park), trails, and natural areas. And, through it all runs the majestic Poudre River—the jewel of Fort Collins.

We are the district with the most diversity—both cultural and economic. We are the district with the most undeveloped land. I will continue to be vigilant about managing our growth through mindful decision-making while ensuring that our businesses prosper, our environment and our river are protected, and that our residents feel safe in their homes.

Clean air and water, a living wage, access to healthcare and affordable shelter, excellent schools, and a strong economy are essential basic needs. As your Council Representative, my number one priority is to serve your needs. I will continue to listen to you and be a powerful voice for you in our community. Like you, I am proud to call Fort Collins my home.

These are the key priorities I will continue to focus on:

    • Equity and social justice
    • COVID recovery
    • Enhance and protect natural areas and open space
    • Maintain safe, clean, livable neighborhoods
    • Support Local businesses and entrepreneurship
    • Maintain transparency, honesty, integrity
    • Protect public health & safety
    • Be a voice for all people
    • Advocate for affordable & attainable housing
    • Promote a thriving Arts & Culture Community
    • Support access to community mental health services
    • Protect the Poudre River
    • Accelerate the Climate Action Plan timeline

I look forward to your support as I seek a second term on City Council as your District 1 representative!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at


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